My Adventures With the Baby Squirrel
While drinking coffee one morning before work, I was watching a mother squirrel trying to teach her baby how to jump from tree to tree.

He/She was very scared and did not want to jump but the mother was insistant.

To make a long story short, the baby tried and fell out of the tree.

I thought it might have been hurt so I rushed down to see if it was ok.  Low and behold, it was fine so I turned and went back up to my driveway.  It followed.

It followed me up the hill and into the driveway.  It came over to me and allowed me to pick it up (I put gloves on so as not to put my smell on him/her).

I played with it for a few and then the moma came down looking for her baby.  I placed it near where the moma was and she quickly went to it and lead it back up the tree.

I have never seen him/her again as far as I know....

BTW, I use to have a squirl that I fed every day at my old house...I was hoping to have another....cute story, huh?
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