Hello Sufurs, Geeks, and Cool Mustang Fans....

My name is E.J.  I currently live in Jonesboro, Ga.

I  have a degree in Management from West Georgia College and State Univ. (Voted in the TOP 10 of  top 20 party schools when I was there) and Clayton College and State University  for their Computer Technology Certificate Program. 

I am also currently working towards my MCSE and CCNA certification.  (on hold for now)

I work for a Medical Transcription Company, MedQuist (largest in the country), formerly L&H Medical, formerly Rodeer Systems, Inc., formerly Trans Quick.

I am the technical support manager where I perform support functions for the PCs and our network.  We have a multitude of NT servers and workstations, several Novell 4x servers and a one or two Novell 3x servers floating around out there.  Soon to be switching to a full NT . (we all know what soon means......to be determined...)
UPDATE: We closed that office.  I was promoted to the CIC manager and 3 months later aquired MT support as well.  I now have 25 employees under me with two different support desk operations.

Click for my resume

I love to drive fast cars (has to be a convertible!), ride motorcycles, work on compters and networks as well as surf the net. (5 meg T @ the office, 6 meg @ home...good stuff)

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